Precision Auto Labs offer Private Label Branding and Contract Manufacturing

Precision Auto Labs perform all assembly functions in facilities at close proximity to centers of excellence for automotive manufacturing. Our facilities house technicians and testing equipment and also coordinate logistics into and out of the facilities. We are a manufacturer, not just a re-seller of products.


Precision Auto Labs establish operations consisting of the assembly of sub components into automotive components for export from and import into China. The company also provides quality assurance and testing services. The assembly of finished products from the combinations of various subcomponents, which are often sourced from disparate suppliers, requires effective coordination of a number of functions that is difficult for one party to coordinate as it establishes a sourcing program.


Precision Auto Labs are born with the competitive advantage — often developing new technologies in the process. From ignition products to gaskets, suspension, clutches and everything in between, we’ve got your replacement and performance needs covered. We’re proud of our OE and high Performance heritages, and over the years we’ve used that experience to expand into a global aftermarket supplier.


Precision Auto Labs Difference
    A wide spectrum of OE and High Performance parts and components that are developed and manufactured to or beyond OE standards
    Our alliances with proven top OE parts and performance product development specialists have allowed us to offer the most high-tech products available.
    Tools and diagnostic equipment
     In-house Quality Lab and technician support
    Dedicated Customer Service ensure seamless communications


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